• 张子霁
  • 专科:睡眠障碍
  • 职称:国家二级心理咨询师
  • 专长:个人成长、亲子沟通、情绪管理、压力管理等一般心理问题及强迫症、抑郁症等各类神经症。
  • 挂号费:
  • 门诊时间:周四下午、周日全天(心理咨询治疗中心,需预约)
  • 专家简介
  •     张子霁,男,毕业于西南大学心理学院,人格心理学硕士,辅修管理学双学士,国家二级心理咨询师。师从着名心理学家黄希庭教授,宁波首位接受中美精神分析联盟(CAPA)连续培训的心理治疗师,直接接受美国权威精神分析师督导。秉承全人中心的咨询风格。


        Zhang ZiJi, Master degree of personality psychology, Double bachelor's degree of management Science.Graduate from School of Psychology in Southwest university ,And taught by  famous psychologist named Huang XiTing in china, Got the qualification of The National secondary psychological counseling and The National marriage and family therapist.

    Who was the first one finished the CAPA Continuous training programs in Ningbo, Supervised by the Authority psychoanalyst in America. Was good at humanism Consulting style, and covered the psychoanalytic therapy,cognitivebehavior therapy, systemic family therapy

    Scope of services: Personal spiritual growth, Parent-child communication, Emotion Management, Stress Management , and also Neurosis like depression, anxiety, OCD.


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